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EXO PRO Electronic Earmuff
EXO PRO Electronic Earmuff

EXO PRO Electronic Earmuff

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The EXO PRO Electronic Earmuff is your go-to solution for unparalleled ear protection and enhanced situational awareness.

PROTECT YOUR SENSES: Loud noises such as gunshots can irreparably damage your ears and lead to hearing loss and tinnitus in the future.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Earmuffs are ANSI rated for 28dB SNR / 22dB NRR hearing protection. Effective for both pistol and rifle calibers. 

HEAR WHAT YOU NEED: Digital compression technology provides ultrafast 0.5ms attack time, and amplifies ambient sounds up to 82dB while filtering out harmful noises.

UPGRADED GEL CUPS: All our earmuffs come upgraded with gel cups that are much more comfortable and allow for a better seal against ears and glasses. 

SECURE & PORTABLE: Earmuffs fold down and also come with a FREE shockproof case (a $35 value)

Eyes and ears packed in a drop-proof case for your convenience.
Hearing Protection
Protection for your hearing by blocking harmful gunshots and other loud noises.
Intelligent Electronics
Suppress harmful noises while allowing you to hear speech, commands, or other important sounds around you.
Electronic Earmuff
Perfect solution for anyone passionate about shooting, hunting, or simply in need of reliable hearing protection. These tactical earmuffs not only offer high levels of safety but also provide incredible comfort and functionality.
SNR 28dB
Certifications ANSI S3.19 rated
Design Compact Design
Feature Cheekwell indent for rifle shooting
Earcup Low profile earcup
Ear cushion Replaceable snap-in gel pads
Headband Adjustable padded metal frame
Waterproof IPX4 Water Resistant
Weight 13.2oz
Included Shockproof case
Batteries (2) AAA Alkaline Batteries Included
Power Indicator LED Light
Their foldable design makes them highly portable, taking up minimal space. Comes with drop-proof case.
Low Profile Design
These earmuffs sport a modern and stylish low-profile design that not only ensures safety but also provides indented ear-well for shooting long guns


Do your EXO Pro Electronic and EXO Pro Bluetooth come with batteries? 

Yes, they come with (2) AAA batteries

Are the gel ear pads replaceable?

Yes. All of our ear pros come with gel ear pads. They are easily replaceable. We currently do not sell the replacements but we will be adding that in soon.

Do these meet ANSI standards?

Yes, our earmuffs are designed and manufactured in compliance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) specifications. They meet the stringent ANSI S3.19-1974 standards for noise reduction and hearing protection, ensuring both quality and safety for our users. We are committed to providing products that not only meet but exceed industry standards for performance and reliability.

What are the benefits of using an electronic earpro?

ShellShock's digital technology enhances safety by amplifying safe sounds while blocking harmful noise, ensuring clear communication and situational awareness without sacrificing hearing protection.

Do the EXO Pro Electronic have an on/off indicator light?


What is the battery life of the EXO Pro Electronic?

Battery life varies according to different usage habits and the storage capacity of the alkaline battery. Typically with the battery provided, it can operate for around 300 hours.

What is the attack time or reaction time of the EXO Pro Electronic earmuffs?

The sound is compressed at a lightening fast 0.005 seconds (0.5ms), which is 25x faster than most earmuffs currently on the market.