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Protect Your Senses

Get superior eye and ear protection with ShellShock Protection.

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About Us
Shellshock Brand
ShellShock Protection is the brainchild of Pew Pew Tactical - your definitive source for everything that goes bang! With countless hours of testing and training at the range, we know eye and ear protection. We’ve spec-ed our own to meet our stringent comfort and safety requirements.

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Safety and Care
Provide reliable eye and ear protection for tactical sports in any conditions.
EXO PRO provides active noise reduction that blocks out loud sounds while amplifying low noises. Perfect for hunting or the range.
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Our anti-fog, anti-scratch ballistic glasses provide unparalleled lens technology. Features a wrap-around, distortion-free lens. Offering clarity and maximum protection.
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Starter Packs
Our combo packs are designed to provide you with everything you need for safe and effective shooting.
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SHELLSHOCK protection
Protecting your senses. Reliable solutions on and off the shooting range.
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