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Ultimate Eyes & Ears Combo
Ultimate Eyes & Ears Combo
Sale price $169 Regular price $240 Save $71

Ultimate Eyes & Ears Combo

Sale price $169 Regular price $240 Save $71
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EXO Pro Bluetooth + SWITCH™

For a limited time only, the eyes and ears combo will be 30% OFF. 

All the goodies combo! — Includes our EXO PRO Bluetooth earpro with upgraded gel pad + our SWITCH interchangeable lens ballistic glasses kit. 

➕ PROTECT YOUR SENSES: Ear & ear damage are often long-lasting and life-altering. Protect what you have with our glasses & earmuffs.


  • Electronic earmuffs are ANSI rated & marked with 27dB SNR / 21dB NRR hearing protection.
  • Glasses are ANSI Z87.1+ rated & marked for protective eyewear.

➕ EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT: TR90 frame material makes the glasses light yet robust. 

➕ VERSATILITY: Our SWITCH lens kit comes with BOTH clear and smoke lens that is easily interchangeable. Stay protected under various environment. 

➕ UPGRADED GEL CUPS: Our EXO Pro Bluetooth earmuffs come upgraded with gel cups that are much more comfortable and allow for a better seal against ears and glasses. 

➕ SECURE & PORTABLE: Comes with shockproof case (a $35 value) that fits both.

Safety Standards
Our products are all ANSI or EN166 compliant, ensuring the best protection in any environment. Safety is our top priority.
Flexible Acoustic Seal
The gel ear pads are made with premium grade silicone producing an amazing seal, even while wearing glasses.
Intelligent Electronics
Suppress harmful noises while allowing you to hear speech, commands, or other important sounds around you.
Heighten Your Senses
Experience next-level hearing protection with the EXO Pro Bluetooth Earmuff. This state-of-the-art earmuff offers not just exceptional noise protection but also seamless connectivity. It features a 27dB SNR for instant protection, while amplifying ambient sounds for situational awareness.
Enhance Situational Awareness
Safeguard your senses while keeping you acutely tuned into your environment with Shellshock's superior eyes and ears.
Low Profile Design
These earmuffs sport a modern and stylish low-profile design that not only ensures safety but also provides indented ear-well for shooting long guns
Their foldable design makes them highly portable, taking up minimal space. Comes with drop-proof case.